After writing an article titled The Infamous Trial of Candy Crush, I thought that I had put this subject to rest until after the sentencing retrial. But lately, the media waves of the deep ocean that is the Jodi Arias saga have been violently crashing on the Shore of Crazy Island and quite a storm is brewing.

Jodi is more than ever associated with the name Candy Crush. She is still as popular and addictive as the game, and manufacturers around the world are looking for a replacement to acquire this slice of the market to gain the same popularity. Cha ching!

During the recent proceedings for Miss Arias, the cameras were not allowed to the dismay of the media and of the lynch mob eager to continue throwing darts at her.

How can they accomplish this if they do not have her directly on their TV screen or if they cannot have their favorite hate mongers disguised as commentators, directly in the courtroom to tweet them how bad she looks or that we can now finally hear the rattling of her chains when she walks in court?

lady-watching-jodiIs she flirting with the bailiff today? Are her eyes as empty and scary? Does she wear the fake glasses? And what’s up with her hair?

How dare she wear it in her face to hide her pain? She does not feel pain because she is a monster. Right?

Someone please tell us over and over again that this woman is the most dangerous and vile creature that ever walked the earth because otherwise, we might have to see her as a human being. And frankly, that is no fun at all.

While the game manufacturers have been pulling their virtual hair to come up with a replacement to the addictive Candy Crush, the media has been desperately trying to get a replacement for Jodi Arias but to no avail. She is a hard act to follow.

Every time a new murderer pops up, their ears perk up and they wait and see if it is going to be the ONE. But so far, their quest has come up empty.

Marissa Devault came to the rescue but it did not have the oomph they needed to boost ratings. They put her picture side by side with Candy Crush and kept comparing them, but it did not explode into huge ratings. Marissa had worked as a stripper, killed her boyfriend with a hammer, had dark hair like Candy so what else do you want people?

Heck, she even had a strange smirk during the police interviews, but the public did not bite or so very lightly.

Devault and Arias

Devault and Arias

After such an adrenaline rush of pleasure for the media and some viewers, Devault did not cut the mustard or anyone else for that matter.

Pistorius is interesting but not as captivating to Americans probably because his trial was impartial and held in South Africa.

A good looking man does not seem to unleash the same passions as a young middle class American woman like Arias, but Scott Peterson might strongly disagree with me on that one.

The disappearance of Heather Elvis and the possible culprits Tammy and Sidney Moorer seemed to have captivated a segment of the population and rattled a few trailer homes but once again, not to the extent of our infamous Candy.

Missing Heather Elvis

Missing Heather Elvis

What is the media to do to remedy this situation?

After comparing every criminal on the planet to Arias and trying constantly to join their photos or certain elements of the case, they have to abandon ship OR they can recycle the case over and over trying to give it a new spin or they can make up some stories…

The head cheerleader of the parade to lead Jodi Arias to a public execution has undoubtedly been HLN. They are the prime recycling bin of the Candy Crush games.

Jane Velez Mitchell wrote her own book and probably gave a few cents of it to animal rescue. It is based on illusions, character assassination and more crapola. But it allows for more discussions or as they call it in my neighborhood ‘deluded verbal diarrhea.’

candy-rehabilitation-centerA few movies were made to keep the momentum going. The lifetime movie was described as ‘media malpractice’ by some and as total delight by the Haters Fan Club.

To this day, I read posts where people include elements of the movie in their discussions about the trial: but she is the one who went after him and she did a striptease in his room…sad but true.

What they do not seem to realize is that every time they reactivate the story, even though Arias is trying to cut the media pipeline, they are the ones who are disrespecting Travis Alexander.

Every time the media plays his sex tape, he is the one who looks bad and not her. But if they could play it in trains, planes and bus stations, they would because people would not forget the case and it would give them the high ratings they desperately are seeking.

This weekend, not on April’s Fool day but during this sacred Easter celebration, TMZ came up with a big story about Jodi Arias. They claimed that she filed legal documents naming Joe Arpaio and Nancy Grace.



Jodi claims in new legal docs — obtained by TMZ — while she was in the custody of Sheriff Joe … she was given a Tuberculosis shot with an infected needle, which gave her Hep C. She also claims her left silicone breast implant leaked and caused a fungal growth.  Jodi alleges she was denied medical care. Jodi also claims Joe has put cameras in her cell and forces her to say the Pledge of Allegiance every morning or else she won’t get fed. Now Nancy Grace … Jodi alleges Joe intercepted sexual letters between her and Travis’ cousin and leaked them to Nancy, who then blabbed about them on TV.  Nancy claimed the 2 were getting hitched. Jodi — who filed the papers without the benefit of a lawyer — wants a restraining order against Nancy and Joe … prohibiting them from allegedly violating her privacy and hurting her ability to get a fair shake in the death penalty phase.’’

TMZ has been known to report false stories or announcing the death of a celebrity just for fun. Their record is laughable and because the host and owner Harvey Levin has studied law, some viewers still stick to his credentials to claim a story true. They are what I call ‘television plague’ and it is contagious.

Arpaio with usual BS

Arpaio with usual BS

ABC instead of jumping the gun about the Hepatitis C story, simply called sheriff Arpaio to ask him directly if the story had any merit.

With his usual lack of grace, Joe stated that he had not heard about any of it but took the opportunity to attack Arias’character. He said ”Arias is probably using the story to get more attention.” He added ‘Nothing surprises me with her. She’s just angry with me because, No. 1, I stopped all the media from going to the jail to interview her.’’

He could not stick to saying that it is probably a hoax, he had to add insult to injury.

Arias has fought to keep cameras away, closed her twitter account and has not talked to the press so what is his reasoning? She has not filed the documents but she is trying to get attention? It is another attempt at discrediting her.

You would think that Joe’s story would give them pause but instead, they divulged the content of the fake document.

William Pitts who is a reporter at @12 News in Phoenix posted the fake document on twitter and he was not the only one to do so. They knew from the start that it was fake because the document mentions the 4th avenue jail but Arias has always been lodged at Estrella. Her signature is different than the one on her birth certificate which was made public during trial. And the content simply tells you that it is a hoax because it is ridiculous and so far-fetched.

But none of these professionals took the time to think twice before publishing the document even if they knew it to be total hogwash. We do not have to ask why. It did spread like wildfire on the Internet and boosted the ratings of every station publishing it.

I thought Easter was about the resurrection of the Lord but I was wrong; it was about the resurrection of Candy Crush.

Last Easter, the Pope was out washing the feet of inmates to show love and forgiveness. A very powerful message that fell on so many deaf ears and minds.

pope-washing-feetThe media will tell you that it does not matter if they published it because if it is a hoax, there is no foul right?

Wrong. Because once a story is imprinted in the minds of readers, it is difficult to remove it. Especially if these same individuals are inclined to hate the subject. It is a proven fact.

When they release wrongfully convicted inmates, some continue thinking they were guilty even with proof to the contrary. They were first told they were guilty so they are sticking to it.

Let us look at prime examples with Candy Crush. There is a former cellmate of Jodi named Cassandra Collins, but I call her Pom Pom lady because of the tasteful hair pieces she puts on her head before appearing on camera, who was invited to give interviews about her infamous cellmate. She declared among other things, that Jodi wanted to have Juan killed and that she deserved the death penalty. She also said and I quote ‘’Jodi is out of her freaking mind.’’ “She’ll try to suffocate you with her version and her side. When I got released out, I was like thank you God I got delivered out of hell.”

pom-pom-ladyThe interesting point about this interview is that Pom Pom shared a cell for only a few months with Jodi and that her other long-term cellmate that had great things to say about her was never interviewed.

The truth is that Collins was found by the court to be incompetent to stand trial. It should give any reporter pause before taking her word, but Troy Hayden from Fox News decided to go ahead and he did warn the viewers by saying that Cassandra has had problems not unlike most inmates. What a crock.

The media manipulated this poor troubled soul craving for attention into becoming a TV star. She felt for it hook, line, and sinker. Even if some viewers are savvy and realized that none of her statements could be taken seriously, many stuck to them as gospel. They now had more ammunition against Jodi Arias.

She was also invited on the Dr. Drew show who tried to portray her as normal while making her spew some more trash about Arias. He then discarded her after having accomplished his mission; destroying Candy Crush at all turns.

He invited another winner on his show and this time, it was a neighbor of the Arias family in Yreka, California.

This middle aged woman showed up dressed in her best Honey Boo Boo outfit and proceeded to have nothing to say about Jodi because in fact, she did not know her. She had moved next to the family when Arias was a teenager and had never talked to her. She ate at the restaurant where she was a waitress and said that she looked at her friend funny.

At the very end, with a lot of coaxing and arm twisting from Drew and his acolytes, when asked if she was a liar, the guest finally answered yes. Never mind that they almost had to use the jaws of life to extirpate a statement made up on the spot to please the good doctor and his pack of hyenas. 

ABC interviewed a young man named Taylor Searle who was a friend of Travis Alexander and he confirmed that Travis read to him the horrible abusive comments he had sent her shortly before the murder.

This was used to inflame the viewers against Arias but instead, what I heard was a man asking Travis ‘Aren’t you afraid she’s going to hurt you after this? Isn’t it harsh?’’ His reaction was to think that anyone would want to hurt the sender after reading such dreadful insults.

I think he made a solid point that flew under the radar because as usual, it was geared towards Travis the wonderful and not Jodi Arias being abused.

hepatitis-cThe fake documents that were circulating this weekend mentioned hepatitis C. This disease attacking the liver is rampant in American prisons where most prisoners do not receive treatment because of the high cost of the drugs.

If it raised a debate about this curse it means that there was at least a positive aspect to this debacle.

Not all people know about the privatization of the medical services in prisons and how the prison profiteers make billions and pay their CEO millions while neglecting the health of inmates. This should be at the forefront instead of hate and dismay.

Here is a mixed sample of comments that were all over the Web this saintly weekend about the documents supposedly filed by Jodi Arias and Christopher Alexander. Bear in mind that Jodi is supposedly sick and suffering from hepatitis C and an infected wound.

vulture-pressCan you believe this impudent bitch? Jesus, not only did that murderous psycho hoe cost us like 2 million dollars to pay for HER DEFENCE but she has the audacity to speak even after she was deservingly found guilty. What a kunt.

Hope her fake tits get gangrenous and puss starts to drip from her eyes and ears. Hope she phukking dies already. well, sounds like her breast rejected her also, maybe she should stab it 27 times, saw it off and then shoot it…….it is her method of operation to rejection…….. Jodi Arias — who was convicted last year of murdering her ex-BF Travis Alexander, is awaiting the death penalty…………WHY IS THIS MONSTER STILL ALIVE hahaha…….I wondered what she’d come up with next. hahahahaaha…. Histrionics.

Hard to believe her stories after all her antics and her lack of remorse or conscience.Trailer Trash extraordinaire

Stabby is a sociopath and just needs the “REAL” needle! Her troubles will be over then..bring it on!Ploy to appear mentally unstable. So obvious.

The best way to stop her Hep C would be to lock her in a room with Travis brother and a butcher knife. You can go for many years and not know you have Hep C. Can she prove how she got it? I don’t feel for her. A fungal growth? Evil oozing through her This POS has been screwing anything on two legs since she was 13 years old, how the hell would she know how she got anything?

Poor jodi months outta the spotlight and look at the crap she comes up with for attention. The only thing i want to hear about the skank is when she’s executed.

The only post I came across that was not as bad was this one.

As horrible as Jodi Arias is, Joe Arpaio is an absolute s***bag, as is Nancy Grace. I hope Jodi wins. Anything that damages either of them is a good thing.

In this case, go Jodi!

It is obvious that these people are not going to change their mind after finding out the documents were fake. It is a clear demonstration of the lack of humanity and hatred that is circulating out there.

And this is what the media is feeding on….pure hate and violence.

Easter weekend turned out to be quite a carnage for the media. I wonder if these same people went to mass and prayed for world peace on Sunday and if they heard sermons about love thy neighbor. I must have missed the passage that says that thy neighbor must not make mistakes.

At least they witnessed a resurrection but it was that of Candy Crush. They want her dead by keeping her story alive. Am I the only one feeling crushed by this total lack of humanity? resurrection-of-the-lord